Why Seek Advice


Lifestyle Planning & Protection

Quality financial advice can help you create a better future. The best things in life are free, however more to spend or save definitely helps. Strive to achieve your goals and objectives through professional advice. Financial planning can be complicated, it could increase your options and unlock hidden potential.

Financial planning aims to achieve your goals through efficient management of your financial affairs. Many advisers are happy to visit your home or workplace for an obligation free initial consultation.  A confidential discussion with a suitably qualified adviser can provide you with a good indication of how their services may benefit your specific requirements.  

> Successful investors tend to plan ahead so they can utilise time instead of risk.

> Restructuring current income or expenses could create capital for additional expenditure.

> Compare your alternatives before committing a large sum to an illiquid and concentrated (high risk) direct investment property.

Many Australians retire with insufficient funds to support a reasonable lifestyle. Some superannuation funds are more competitive and likely to be in your best interests than others.   

Address your risk insurance needs before a serious accident or illness. Most people are under or over insured and there are many options to consider. Your income is one of your most important assets. For example, what would happen to your mortgage and/or lifestyle if you were unable to generate a reasonable income for an extended period? Many of us have general insurance in place while overlooking or neglecting cover for income that funds these types of expenses.

A second opinion could confirm your direction if you prefer planning your own financial affairs.

Financial advisers can provide advice on a wide range of strategies, including retirement planning, investing, superannuation, asset protection, succession planning, cash flow, salary packaging and redundancies. Your business or organisation may also benefit from financial planning services.

Many websites provide useful information about what to look for or questions to ask when you approach an adviser. Refer to about us for information regarding our qualifications and experience.

Some advisers offer limited advice and specialise in insurance, broking or accounting, while others provide comprehensive advice that covers many aspects of your personal circumstances. Refer to our services for information about the services we provide.  

Standards and fees also vary between service and product providers. Costs can be deducted from superannuation or insurance in some cases. Ongoing advice fees are generally tax deductible when paid outside superannuation. Our costs depend on which services are required, complexity and time.

Contact us if you would like to discuss our service offering in more detail.