Our Services


We provide comprehensive (holistic) financial planning services to individuals, superannuation funds, companies, organisations and trusts. Services include:

Investment Advice & Portfolio Reviews > Detailed recommendations that align with your current situation, tolerance for risk, goals and objectives. These evolve over time along with market conditions/perceptions, so it makes sense to regularly review your investments in accordance with your preferred frequency. Diversification (not all your eggs in one basket) can reduce risk (volatility) and you have many options, e.g. Australian shares make up less than 3% of global share markets.  Compare your alternatives before committing a large sum to an illiquid and concentrated (high risk) direct investment property. 

Tax Effective Investments > We advise on investment related taxation planning strategies, such as salary sacrifice, salary packaging and gearing (borrowing to invest) when appropriate.

Retirement Planning > Advice for pre and post retirees. You might require guidance on when or how to retire. An adjustment to asset allocation could reduce your exposure to investment risks or transition to retirement may be ideal.  

Superannuation > Request a comparison with your existing superannuation fund(s). Consolidating multiple superannuation funds could help you avoid duplicate/unnecessary costs that accumulate over time. Corporate superannuation  plans (designed to suit company requirements) are available for medium to large companies interested in group discounts. A Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) may be suitable for sophisticated investors that prefer flexibility.

Savings & Wealth Creation > Strategies for younger people that have time on their side, such as budgeting, savings plans or margin lending. A regular savings/investment plan could be a smart way to alter spending habits quickly. Margin lending can accelerate long term capital gains and losses through the use of borrowed funds. Restructuring cash flow could create/unlock capital for additional expenditure. 

Insurance > Personal and business risk insurance, such as term life, total and permanent disability, income protection, trauma, business expenses, key man and cover for buy/sell agreements. Address your risk insurance needs before a serious accident or illness. Many people have general insurance (car, home contents etc) in place while overlooking cover for income that funds these types of expenses.

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